Friday Poll Thread #8 - Best "Is This Love?"

General music discussion.

Which is best?

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Bob Marley
Alison Moyet
Total votes: 16

Dr. Medulla
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Re: Friday Poll Thread #8 - Best "Is This Love?"

Post by Dr. Medulla » 31 Aug 2019, 10:28am

Wolter wrote:
31 Aug 2019, 10:24am
What even is this question.
It's an indirect way of learning whether Inder needs to hire fumigators for this place. I'd say more than a 20% crazy response suggests he has to call Dale's Dead Bug.
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Re: Friday Poll Thread #8 - Best "Is This Love?"

Post by BitterTom » 31 Aug 2019, 12:09pm

Heston wrote:
31 Aug 2019, 8:09am
BitterTom wrote:
31 Aug 2019, 7:37am
Heston wrote:
31 Aug 2019, 3:13am
BitterTom wrote:
30 Aug 2019, 5:06pm
Where's that crab juice picture, Doc?

I dislike all.
What the actual fuck!
I blame Smooooth for overplaying it.
You must hate Heartbreaker by Dionne Warwick..
Oh God, yes.

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