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Re: On a lighter topic...

Post by Dr. Medulla » 27 Oct 2017, 6:24am

101Walterton wrote:
27 Oct 2017, 1:20am
Heston wrote:
27 Oct 2017, 1:09am
Dr. Medulla wrote:
26 Oct 2017, 9:19pm
Heston wrote:
26 Oct 2017, 6:56pm
WestwayKid wrote:
26 Oct 2017, 6:36pm
Post has taken a darker tone than I had intended. All well - good discussion is good...but companion animals are awesome. What is the last thing Joe did in this life? He took his dogs for a walk, right? Good enough for me.
It will never be as dark as the IMCTPMS outbreak of 2009. This is a mere trifle.
The various IMCTPMS (serious credit to RP for that name) all blur together. What was that one about? DCT, I'm guessing?
I think it was pie-related.
Did someone forget to blow on the pie?
Made our community unsafe. :sad:
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