Popmarket - Mescaleros LPs inc. Acton

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Popmarket - Mescaleros LPs inc. Acton

Post by JohnS » 03 Jan 2017, 8:40pm

For anyone who likes buying those flat round plastic things, Popmarket are offering a deal on the 3 Mescaleros albums on vinyl plus the Acton Town Hall gig

https://www.popmarket.com/collections/t ... bum-bundle

Or you can order the Acton 2LP set on its own:

https://www.popmarket.com/collections/t ... -vinyl-2lp

Pretty good prices - a damn sight cheaper than discogs - but probably best for you Yanks. Popmarket's shipping costs are high and you'll get clobbered with import fees for the 4LP bundle

EDIT - use the code POPMARKET10 and you get 10 per cent off
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