Capital (It Fails Us Now)

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Re: Capital (It Fails Us Now)

Post by IkarisOne » 15 Feb 2014, 11:56am

Here's the next shoe to drop- the debtslave factory bubble is long overdue for burstin'. I can't begin to calculate the fallout from that disaster.


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Re: Capital (It Fails Us Now)

Post by Rat Patrol » 18 Feb 2014, 8:39am


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Re: Capital (It Fails Us Now)

Post by Dr. Medulla » 18 Feb 2014, 9:14am

Rat Patrol wrote: ... ciety.html


Pretty much, yeah.
I skimmed that this morning and was halfway surprised by how unsurprised I was by all that. If I were told that these fuckers dined on actual baby flesh, I'd probably have to pause for a few seconds before expressing skepticism.
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