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Post by Wolter » 03 Nov 2008, 5:42pm

"There's something more honest, he believed, about traditional methods of mass starvation, labour camps, and machine gunning millions to death. Stalin was a vinyl guy who sneered at Truman converting everything to compact disc." - Thomas Jefferson

"But the gorilla thinks otherwise!"

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Re: Wow.

Post by Still216 » 03 Nov 2008, 5:47pm

If this isn't an over-the-top parody by some Situationist live theatre troupe or something, then I second your double wow.
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Re: Wow.

Post by Dr. Medulla » 03 Nov 2008, 5:55pm

I can't remember who said it—Bill Maher, perhaps—but it was recommended that the faithful stay away from the polls on Tuesday and instead concentrate on praying for McCain to win. Prayer beats a dumb ol' ballot anyway, so if they's righteous enough, the nice old man in the sky will fix the election.
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