The American Taliban is hard at work...

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The American Taliban is hard at work...

Post by BostonBeaneater » 18 Nov 2015, 1:25pm

Deep in the heart of Texas!
The organization, part of the University of Texas at Austin, surveyed 779 women, 22 percent of which say they themselves or someone they personally knew had self-induced or attempted to self-induce an abortion. If this rate were applied to the population of women of child-bearing age in Texas (ages 18 to 49) as a whole, that would mean that approximately 240,000 women in the state have or know someone who has attempted to self-induce. The women were interviewed between October 2014 and October 2015. ... 11322.html

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Re: The American Taliban is hard at work...

Post by Dr. Medulla » 18 Nov 2015, 1:56pm

And if these women die in the process, it demonstrates god's judgement. There is a certain twisted logic to their fundamental(ist) misogyny.
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