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Re: Bob Dole

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Jimmy Jazz wrote:
Dr. Medulla wrote:
Flex wrote:A Jimmy Fallon best-of dvd would actually probably play rather well. It would be misleading tho, since he just had the good fortune to be in some good skits and they usually ended up being good despite his presence not because of it.

Addendum: I think the reason there isn't a Norm best of is 'cuz his leaving was very, very messy. As I understand it, they didn't even let him know he was fired until he showed up for work one day and NBC broke the news by having security escort him off the premises. Something like that, anyways.

It's a shame too, since a Norm best of would be amazing.
He related a version of the story on Letterman, I believe. It went something like this (and you have to do Norm's dryer than dry style in your mind). "Dick Ebersol says to me, 'I don't think you're funny.' And I thought, 'That's not good.' And then he says, 'You're fired.' And I thought, 'That's even worse!'"
Yea thats it except it was Don Ohlmeyer (sp?) who president of NBC at the time or something who didn't think he was funny. Later there were rumors it was because the guy was good friends with OJ Simpson whom Norm made fun of endlessly on SNL.
Right—I get the names mixed up. But, yeah, it was all about Norm's genius OJ commentary.
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