Question for guitar fx pedal users

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Question for guitar fx pedal users

Post by Bankrobber » 07 Feb 2017, 1:37am

I'm about to come into a bit of money. I'm definitely getting an MXR Phase 100 to get that LC sound. Next though is the question, my choices are -

1) An MXR Phase 95 (which has a Phase 45 circuit, to get that Anarchy in the UK sound, and a Phase 90 circuit). Though I already have an MXR Phase 90( which I hate, though it still pains me to buy its circuit again.)

2) An MXR Carbon Copy Bright Delay. I have an Ibanez E-7 delay, which is good but I hate the dark, warm sound that sucks out some of my tone.

3) A flanger. Either an MXR Flanger or a Boss BF-2. I have an Ibanez CF-7 Chorus/Flanger. Okay on the former and awful on the flange side. The MXR is classic but also on the warm side ( which bugs me about the Ibanez E-7 delay) and a little pricey compared to other flangers. Plus it runs on 18v requiring either a new power supply or two 9v batteries. The Boss is discontinued( perhaps making it harder to find.) However it is less warm and is all over Manic Street Preachers' Holy Bible. (Which I love the sound of).

So...any advice from fellow guitar players?
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