Inder help I can't log in

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Inder help I can't log in

Post by risk100 » 17 Jun 2008, 2:22pm

Hey inder I can't log in?
Do I need to re-register and do that jazz all over again or is there some glitch thing that you can repair?
Thanks for the help and thanks for bringing IMCT back.

Suzanne H.
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The Cheese
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Re: Inder help I can't log in

Post by Suzanne H. » 17 Jun 2008, 2:25pm

Your supposed to re register. We all did...hence our low post counts.

Welcome back!

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Sightsee MC
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Re: Inder help I can't log in

Post by TommyGunn » 17 Jun 2008, 2:59pm

It worked ...........

To celebrate the IMCT comming back Im changing my user name from Risk100 to TommyGunn

With any luck this change will help my death pool score along with my outlook on life :mrgreen:

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