Here`s to you HELLBOY

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Here`s to you HELLBOY

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Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 9:20 pm Post subject: The Hellboys


In the words of Nikola (HELLBOY) if you like what you hear spread the word

01.mutant love
02.besoin de rien
04.everything you learned
05.mauvaises nouveues
06.charlie sheen
07.action dan
08.burn it down
09.bete humaine hour feelings (pistols cover)
12.the model (kraftwerk cover)

13.hollywood heartbreak hotel,(HELLBOYS Sideband) ... bERIRGc9PQ
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Re: Here`s to you HELLBOY

Post by lom66 »

This is great! Thanks for this and R.I.P Hellboy

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Re: Here`s to you HELLBOY

Post by Seventeen »

Thanks. Where did you get the track "mauvaises nouvelles" ? It's not on the LP.

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Re: Here`s to you HELLBOY

Post by esmark »

Brilliant. A BIG toast to a good guy who's been contributing a lot to this forum, and to music in general. He'll be missed, that's for sure.

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Re: Here`s to you HELLBOY

Post by tepista »

May I humbly request this link be updated? I didn't have access for a little while.
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