Happy birthday Alyssa!

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Happy birthday Alyssa!

Post by Kory » 22 May 2017, 4:38pm

Buy 10 books to celebrate!
Absolutely. Here's another collection of words:

Table salt (spoon hinge)
Octopus (Ukraine)
St. Petersburg (arms)
Ginger beer (cauliflower)
Pat Sajak (PSak)
Lamp post (self evident)
Florida Timeshare (ditto)
Heraclitus (EMI)
Developers (Developers Developers)
Boogie With Your Children

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Re: Happy birthday Alyssa!

Post by Flex » 22 May 2017, 4:50pm

Huzzah for birfdays! Happy birthday, A!
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Re: Happy birthday Alyssa!

Post by Dr. Medulla » 22 May 2017, 5:16pm

Your birthday doesn't belong in a museum!
Endut! Hoch Hech!

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Re: Happy birthday Alyssa!

Post by threecoffins » 23 May 2017, 9:10am

Happy birthday Alyssa!

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Re: Happy birthday Alyssa!

Post by JennyB » 23 May 2017, 9:15am

Happy Birthday, Alyssa! Come back here! Meemz and I need more estrogen around here!
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