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Re: Hey buds

Post by tepista » 24 Dec 2016, 9:20pm

A pound is barely more than a buck? I thought it was like 2/1. How long has this been?
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Re: Hey buds

Post by Boddington » 24 Dec 2016, 10:24pm

Like a butt I missed this, so I donated to Jackson for Wolt instead. I figured this still counts as my good deed for the holidays right?

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Re: Hey buds

Post by Wolter » 24 Dec 2016, 11:17pm

Boddington wrote:Like a butt I missed this, so I donated to Jackson for Wolt instead. I figured this still counts as my good deed for the holidays right?
Thank you so much.
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Re: Hey buds

Post by Inder » 25 Dec 2016, 8:57pm

Good to hear things are looking up, fellas.

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Re: Hey buds

Post by Kory » 27 Dec 2016, 5:59pm

Wolter wrote:
JennyB wrote:I agree with what Spiff said. And I value this community so much. I'm glad that with all of our differences (and by differences, I mean that Hoy is always wrong), we are truly there for each other. We have all had our dark times, and I know that we can count on each other.

OK, back to being cynical in 5,4,3,2...
I agree with all of this. Several of y'all helped us out with Jackson's therapies recently and it is appreciated so much. Y'all are all good eggs in my book.

Except for Flex. He knows why.
As I get older I find more and more that one of the best things about having money to spare is to spare it for people who need it more than I do. I mean, what am I going to do with it? Go shopping in a store? Buy a record?
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