On the Occasion That Skynet Became Self-aware. . .

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On the Occasion That Skynet Became Self-aware. . .

Post by Rat Patrol » 16 Mar 2016, 5:43am

Dear Flex,

Thank you for your timely endorsement; it really helped our GOTV efforts. As a token of my campaign's esteem, please accept this anniversary time-travel delivery of human stock from our strategic defense reserves to render into a high-octane carboniferous meat paste fuel for your Central Core's backup generators.


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Re: On the Occasion That Skynet Became Self-aware. . .

Post by Wolter » 16 Mar 2016, 8:41am

I endorse this horror.
"There's something more honest, he believed, about traditional methods of mass starvation, labour camps, and machine gunning millions to death. Stalin was a vinyl guy who sneered at Truman converting everything to compact disc." - Thomas Jefferson

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