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Re: Spotify?

Post by matedog » 29 Nov 2017, 4:00pm

JennyB wrote:
29 Nov 2017, 3:22pm
matedog wrote:
29 Nov 2017, 1:42pm
Dr. Medulla wrote:
29 Nov 2017, 1:38pm
matedog wrote:
29 Nov 2017, 1:34pm
Dr. Medulla wrote:
29 Nov 2017, 1:32pm

And slowly the qualifications emerges …
As I've always said, no Jani, no Warrant.
Is that your version of Heston and make-up-only KISS?
Yeah, except makeup less KISS had some hits and Jani-less Warrant was never remotely relevant.
Let's be honest here - was even Jani-full Warrant ever relevant?
I mean, they sold lots of records, so that's relevant I guess.
Look, you have to establish context for these things. And I maintain that unless you appreciate the Fall of Constantinople, the Great Fire of London, and Mickey Mantle's fatalist alcoholism, live Freddy makes no sense. If you want to half-ass it, fine, go call Simon Schama to do the appendix.

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