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Re: Covering Album Covers

Post by Marky Dread » 03 Nov 2017, 8:01pm

Kory wrote:
03 Nov 2017, 7:50pm
Marky Dread wrote:
02 Nov 2017, 9:59am
Marky Dread wrote:
01 Nov 2017, 8:39pm
Kory wrote:
01 Nov 2017, 8:28pm
Marky Dread wrote:
01 Nov 2017, 5:00pm

Perfect. See how easy it is. ;)
I gotta disagree with you guys on this one. I think a different color band would be too distracting on this duotone cover. My bigger beef is with the separating elements. The three items are so obviously already in their little pockets that drawing the rounded rectangles around them is overkill. I think having the title merge with the red band is a good solution for making things seem integrated again, but it wouldn't be necessary without the rectangles in the first place. Merging text with color bars in this way is a big design trick for promoting integration and interaction, but it doesn't always work. In this case, it's not my favorite, but I'm not as offended as you lot.
I wouldn't use another colour font to distract from the band. Unless it was a colour already used in the duotone. But the band is another shade of red and it doesn't work fork me merging with the font not allowing the font to stand out bold enough. You make a good point about the cramped boxes but that was a feature of those 60's style comps with a very busy looking cover leaving little if any space.
OK so what I'm trying to say here is you swap the color of the band from the red to the off white and change the stereo hi-fidelity logo to the red along with the border lines.
Yeah, I think I could get on board with that. Except I'd still get rid of the boxes.
Yeah they are a bit surplus. But then if it's a pastiche of a 60's format they are probably requisite.

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