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Post by Marky Dread » 24 Feb 2017, 5:17pm

Heston wrote:
16 Jan 2017, 2:51pm
101Walterton wrote:
16 Jan 2017, 2:32pm
Spiff wrote:
16 Jan 2017, 11:17am
I know this isn't a competition, but next to you, I am a failure.

My son's favourite band is Tame Impala.

Or as I call them, Lame Imapala.

Which gets me ... :rolleyes:
Don't feel down Spiff it wasn't 50.5W that wanted the CDs it was her friends.
Normally at home all I get is 'dad turn the music down'. Amazing what peer pressure can do as she would never listen to my music by choice although sometimes it is funny when we are out in the car and an old ska or punk song will come on and she will sing away and when I ask if she knows the song she has no idea what it is or how she knows all the words!!!
Loads of old stuff is used in films and tv shows these days, I've heard people like the Clash and Buzzcocks in the most unlikely places.
Everything gets watered down when the bank balance is looking a little flat. "A-O let's go".

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