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Re: Ramones and Archie

Post by Wolter » 01 Dec 2016, 11:00am

coffeepotman wrote:
Silent Majority wrote:
coffeepotman wrote:
Flex wrote:
Silent Majority wrote:I'd pay decent cash to see Marky, CJ and Daniel Rey play Ramones songs.

I saw Dee Dee, CJ and Marky with Barbara (Dee Dee's wife) perform, they had a Ramones cover band (not sure if you could call it that) that played around NY...It really wasn't as good as you would think. Seeing Dee Dee solo was better.
Personnel wise, they had as much right to the the name as the line up which recorded the post-Dee Dee albums.
Agreed, if not more right to call themselves The Ramones, you've got the main songwriter, bass player, longest serving drummer and replacement bass player. It's the same with the Damned, when Rat and Brian play Dx3 they should be able to call themselves The Damned. Hell I saw the Misfits and 2/3rds of them were ex Black Flag.
They should've gotten Morris or Chavo on vocals and called themselves Misflag.
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