Need quick advice on going to a show

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Need quick advice on going to a show

Post by Kory » 17 Sep 2015, 11:43pm

Should I go see Chameleons Vox tonight? The show starts in about 90 minutes. I saw them a few years ago, and it was good enough, I guess...I can't decide. I mean, it's just Mark Burgess and some hired hands, but they're playing the entire Script of the Bridge album.
Absolutely. Here's another collection of words:

Table salt (spoon hinge)
Octopus (Ukraine)
St. Petersburg (arms)
Ginger beer (cauliflower)
Pat Sajak (PSak)
Lamp post (self evident)
Florida Timeshare (ditto)
Heraclitus (EMI)
Developers (Developers Developers)
Boogie With Your Children

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